Our bulk cement is currently available in two grades – 32.5R and 42.5R. Our products are manufactured in strict accordance with GS 1118 and EN 197 quality standards.
32.5R Grade

Offers by far the fastest one-day, two-day, and seven-day strengths of any 32.5 grade cement available on the Ghanaian market. It is most suited to:

  • General Construction
  • Cement Concrete/Mortar
  • Masonry And Mortar Screed
  • Block-laying And Plastering
  • Medium Or Low Mechanical Strength Concrete

Price: Ghs 836 per tonne

42.5R Grade

Offers compressive strength generally suited for:

  • Suspended slabs, beams, columns, lintels
  • Heavy duty reinforced concrete structures
  • Structural concrete applications such as prefabrication and manufactured concrete
  • Block and brick making
  • Precast operations
  • Special wors such as roads, thermal power plants, Injection grouts etc.
  • Long span roofs, bridges and structures with heavy heavy deadload
  • Dam and reservoir construction

Price: Ghs 868 per tonne